Math meets real life.

This Soils and Streams column first appeared in the March 10, 2018, issue of the Kearney Hub. Agriculture is ‘sweet spot’ where math, real-world problems mix Kids who don’t enjoy math are prone to ask, “When will I ever use this?” Teachers attempt to give real-world examples, and students remain skeptical — it’s a time-wornContinue reading “Math meets real life.”

I have a wish list.

The older our kids get, the more defined their gift requests and expectations become. Advent is the season of waiting, and wow, sometimes that waiting comes with a hearty side of whining! Personally, I have ambitions and dreams, and while some of them do come with dollar signs, I’m fortunate to be content with myContinue reading “I have a wish list.”

All Laura, all the time.

The seed for this column is one flattering social media comment from my college friend Chrissy Mullender: “Karen Nelson, you simply must read this. If you, I, and Laura Ingalls Wilder were on a group Facebook chat, I would have to pay special attention to which of you were responding.” The comment was under aContinue reading “All Laura, all the time.”

Slow down. You move too fast.

I stand in awe of the people who seemingly can do it all. Yep, I’m looking at you — the people who can balance home, family and work with church, sports and community and still manage to comb your hair. Intellectually, I realize that each of you who can do it all invariably stands inContinue reading “Slow down. You move too fast.”

“Taking care of you makes me happy, too.”

“Taking care of you makes me happy, too.” People who spend time with little kids and PBS most likely know those words sung by Mom Tiger on “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.” The show, the successor to my childhood favorite, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” is an animated and updated version of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. “Daniel Tiger” isn’tContinue reading ““Taking care of you makes me happy, too.””

No pirouettes, thanks.

This Soils and Streams column first appeared in the Dec. 10, 2016, issue of the Kearney Hub. Seasonal traditions may not look typical Routine and tradition are part and parcel of human life. Many of these conventions pace hand in hand with a change in season. As we transition from fall to winter, Christians markContinue reading “No pirouettes, thanks.”

Corn nuts and soynuts.

Summer and fall play host to a perpetual string of harvest seasons. Most of these crops are building blocks for the human food supply. I’ve read time and again that farmers don’t eat the corn and beans they grow. The implication is that we’re scared of the food we raise. A little bit of mysteryContinue reading “Corn nuts and soynuts.”

I’m a harvest kid.

School’s out. Days are long. The air is hot and golden. My innate urge is to go somewhere and cut some wheat. My family has custom harvested for farmers since 1974. Summer, for me, is inseparable from wheat harvest — time to load the combines, get in the trucks and follow the wheat as itContinue reading “I’m a harvest kid.”

If a farmer(‘s wife) answers a question …

My family recently experienced an agvocacy win. These wins are rare and special. All too often, a non-farming person’s interest in crops or livestock is limited to a couple hours, maybe some social media interaction or a couple “likes” on Facebook pages. I’m a volunteer for Ask the Farmers, a group that answers agriculture questionsContinue reading “If a farmer(‘s wife) answers a question …”