A whole lot of awesome.

Our family’s Christmas trees are pretty awesome. Multicolored incandescent lights illuminate the things our kids made in school and the ornaments gifted over the last 43 years from my aunt and uncle in California. We hang a chosen few ornaments from my and my husband’s grandparents’ collections, and some retired Chrismons from the church whereContinue reading “A whole lot of awesome.”

A book about Nebraska.

This Soils and Streams column first appeared in the Dec. 14, 2019, issue of the Kearney Hub. This is one that didn’t make it into the online edition. Bah. Consider a gift to your community fund — really In the spring semester of 1997, I was a junior at the best place for me, BethanyContinue reading “A book about Nebraska.”

Slow down. You move too fast.

I stand in awe of the people who seemingly can do it all. Yep, I’m looking at you — the people who can balance home, family and work with church, sports and community and still manage to comb your hair. Intellectually, I realize that each of you who can do it all invariably stands inContinue reading “Slow down. You move too fast.”