All the emotions, some in disguise.

We picked some corn. Actually, we picked marginally more corn than we expected, given all the potential for the adverse weather conditions to do their worst. We had hail and wind claims this year and, in face of this drought, are almighty thankful we are on the water mound resulting from the canal irrigation systemContinue reading “All the emotions, some in disguise.”

James Webb and pasture plants.

Have you seen the amazing images produced by the various ways to see things with the James Webb Space Telescope? I could stare at those for hours. I don’t, usually, as life demands, etc., but I could. It occurred to me this morning as I cropped a photo from the pasture (my computer has thisContinue reading “James Webb and pasture plants.”

A September Thursday.

This fine Thursday, I woke up to essentially the same to-do list as Tuesday, so I went outside and took photos. As one does. The to-do list would take a whole, oh, I don’t know, two hours? — not including paying work — if I would just get started. That getting started part has evidentlyContinue reading “A September Thursday.”

How to realize you’re too busy.

It’s been a time here, fellow humans. Softball. Endless softball. Alysia asked me the other night about this out-of-character softball participation. I’ve been firmly in the camp of “no summer things” forever. I’m a believer in a generally simple life, saying no to most of the things, taking a true break from school, and notContinue reading “How to realize you’re too busy.”

Several stories in one story; or, the other grievous thing that happened.

Four thousand words! Dear friends, and especially new readers, I have previously never written this many words at one go in my life — not in college papers, not in high school papers, none of it. Chances are good I will never do it again, but the existence of my five kids proves I shouldContinue reading “Several stories in one story; or, the other grievous thing that happened.”

And suddenly, it’s Epiphany.

And wow, how things have changed. Today, the kids went back to school after a slightly extended Christmas break — extended by a day on the front end by a reward day off for good testing scores, and extended by two hours on the back end by a reward late start for food bank donations.Continue reading “And suddenly, it’s Epiphany.”

Wait, there’s joy to be found in complaining?!

I’ve noticed recently a tendency of people in my community to do a lot of complaining. Nothing is off limits — leadership style, business decisions, house color — and it’s bringing everyone down. Even me. I like the optimistic side of life. I function better if I choose joy even if things are kinda crummy.Continue reading “Wait, there’s joy to be found in complaining?!”

The prairie at midday in autumn.

… sans kids, because school, and celebrated with a deli meal from the grocery store. One thing about the pasture is that it’s pretty much impossible to capture the feel of it in a photo. I’ve come close a few times, but the day I perfectly catch the feel of it will most likely neverContinue reading “The prairie at midday in autumn.”

‘Tis the season for silage harvest.

I’m grateful that Jeremy and I work together pretty darn well. I’ve tried to figure out what makes this happen, and I don’t know, really. Our dads have completely different styles. For the most part, we learned outdoor and mechanical work from our dads, although we are our own individuals and awfully independent (yes, sometimesContinue reading “‘Tis the season for silage harvest.”

A list of books for second-graders.

Life is a little frantic, is it not? We flit from task to task to task (we? maybe just I) and somehow a month passes, or two, and the thing that was top of mind is infrequently even on the radar. If I’d had a little foresight — seriously, we can all just agree nowContinue reading “A list of books for second-graders.”