A few words on a Wednesday morning.

The oldest has a job for a neighbor this summer, and this week is Westmark’s VBS, meaning I can wake up one kid and send him off, then wake up four more kids and drive almost two miles and leave them off, and get three hours — three blessed hours — to myself (though admittedlyContinue reading “A few words on a Wednesday morning.”

Cannot make this up.

Pretty crazy how simply rotating toys back out of the basement can enthrall the small people. Today we unearthed four doll-strolling devices, and the strolling not only has not ceased in the intervening hours, it even attracted the boy’s attention. I suppose no one should go tell his classmates. This afternoon, the girls played duck-duck-gooseContinue reading “Cannot make this up.”

A reminder of why.

What do you tell a daughter who wants “Wacky Wednesday” when you want breakfast? You say, “Go ask your sister.” And then three girls read it together and you say a small prayer of thankfulness for small blessings and take their picture. I suspect she who wanted “Wacky Wednesday” is going to be very literallyContinue reading “A reminder of why.”

The dustbin of grand plans.

This was originally a Facebook post. This is a cool thing we saw when we were at Ulysses. My folks’ neighbors have taken a small (maybe 5000 bushels, but I didn’t ask) grain bin and converted it for a sewing room. Their house is only a wee bit bigger than ours and this is anContinue reading “The dustbin of grand plans.”

My microcosm.

This was originally a Facebook post. Jeremy and I both are not awesome teachers and tend to do our stuff on our own, but the kids are getting a little more involved outside. It’s interesting how different things appeal to different children. Ivy will follow Jeremy around all the time. Sadie wants to specifically doContinue reading “My microcosm.”