A hundred prairie things I love.

county fairs wind waves in the grass six steps of acquaintance coincidence (inevitable) all the kinds of clouds old farm buildings the first sight of a mountain the Oregon Trail the horizon houses people can’t yet bear to tear down small-town convenience stores knowing delivery guys by name the Pony Express reride corn cows knowingContinue reading “A hundred prairie things I love.”

All the emotions, some in disguise.

We picked some corn. Actually, we picked marginally more corn than we expected, given all the potential for the adverse weather conditions to do their worst. We had hail and wind claims this year and, in face of this drought, are almighty thankful we are on the water mound resulting from the canal irrigation systemContinue reading “All the emotions, some in disguise.”

A few words on a Wednesday morning.

The oldest has a job for a neighbor this summer, and this week is Westmark’s VBS, meaning I can wake up one kid and send him off, then wake up four more kids and drive almost two miles and leave them off, and get three hours — three blessed hours — to myself (though admittedlyContinue reading “A few words on a Wednesday morning.”

Cannot make this up.

Pretty crazy how simply rotating toys back out of the basement can enthrall the small people. Today we unearthed four doll-strolling devices, and the strolling not only has not ceased in the intervening hours, it even attracted the boy’s attention. I suppose no one should go tell his classmates. This afternoon, the girls played duck-duck-gooseContinue reading “Cannot make this up.”

A reminder of why.

What do you tell a daughter who wants “Wacky Wednesday” when you want breakfast? You say, “Go ask your sister.” And then three girls read it together and you say a small prayer of thankfulness for small blessings and take their picture. I suspect she who wanted “Wacky Wednesday” is going to be very literallyContinue reading “A reminder of why.”

The dustbin of grand plans.

This was originally a Facebook post. This is a cool thing we saw when we were at Ulysses. My folks’ neighbors have taken a small (maybe 5000 bushels, but I didn’t ask) grain bin and converted it for a sewing room. Their house is only a wee bit bigger than ours and this is anContinue reading “The dustbin of grand plans.”