A hundred prairie things I love.

county fairs

wind waves in the grass

six steps of acquaintance coincidence (inevitable)

all the kinds of clouds

old farm buildings

the first sight of a mountain

This happens to be Pikes Peak.

the Oregon Trail

the horizon

houses people can’t yet bear to tear down

small-town convenience stores

knowing delivery guys by name

the Pony Express reride



knowing which way the big airport is by the contrails

vague residency requirements for library cards

permanently parked farm equipment

hometown meat lockers

Belschner’s in Amherst

grain bins



grain elevators

families born of school events/sports/livestock shows


churches in the middle of nowhere

Sears homes

long, straight highways

seeing harvesters on the highway

E-911 addressing for when landmarks fail

many decades of same-family ownership

Our house.


abandoned, wistful farmsteads

street dances

good fences


six steps of geographic coincidence (also inevitable)

directions via landmark

drivers waving at everyone


Wardcraft homes

general churchgoingness

community pride

yard lights


people pulling together

state fairs

plowing bees

Google map farm visits

migratory birds



parks/wildlife areas/rec areas

the fire tower at Halsey

summer festivals

freshly-turned dirt

solar wells

big farm shops

Baristas coffee


Victorian farmhouses


the fluidity of the term “neighbor”

volunteer fire departments

the Pony Express

really long trains

finding combiners on Google maps

My parents’ harvest trailer at a farmer’s place in Colorado

water towers

seed corn dinners

Mill coffee


home-raised beef and pork for everyone

the High Plains Journal

roadside markers

being on a first-name basis with teachers and preachers

foursquare farmhouses

lone trees

308 coffee

general tolerance for firearm ownership

that tuna is pretty much the only seafood

small-town cafés


small-town bars



small-town retailers

Tiede’s in Overton

general firearm ownership

hometown art/music/cultural talent

pasture visits

baby calves

folks’ general willingness to be a helper

people’s necessity-is-the-mother-of-invention-ness

pairs of trees

finding arrowheads/artifacts

general tolerance for churchgoingness

the night sky

pivot sprinklers

Montgomery Ward homes


gravity irrigation

Husker Harvest Days

school buses

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