About This Prairie Life.

It’s a brainchild that’s continuing to evolve. It’s a friendly place where, when we have things to say, we have a place to say them.

We are unique. We are quirky. We are wry.

We are thoughtful.

We are sometimes snarky or cynical, but in the friendliest ways possible. We are not wackadoodle, and we are definitely not mean.

We might pontificate from time to time. We have opinions, but we won’t hit you over the head with them.

Also, we live on the prairie.

About Karen.

I’m Karen Nelson, and I’m a lot of things: Child, sibling, spouse, parent, friend. Harvest kid. Farm wife. Freelance editor and designer. Reticent writer.

I love Jesus. I love math. I love agriculture. I love reading. I love the Great Plains.

I believe in optimism. I believe in the scientific method. I believe in living simply. I believe in coffee.

I live in rural Phelps County, Nebraska, with my husband and five kids. All those facts except “rural” came as unexpected developments in my life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you have something friendly to say, kindly email soilsandstreams@gmail.com.

About Tara.

Tara is my sister. She’s also my stunt double except, of course, she has her own life and many beautiful capabilities that I do not have. (Eventually I will make her write her own bio.)

About Rick.

Rick is a freelance arts journalist who operates under the name Yard Light Media. He has by far the most experience at writing. (Eventually I will make him write his own bio.)

About Chrissy.

Chrissy Mullender lives with her son Colton in central Kansas. She is a Senior Application Developer by day and volunteer/coach/leader for her son’s activities with her remaining time. Chrissy is a work-from-home advocate and is always inviting those we have lost to brain drain to come back home. Reach Chrissy at chrissyptacek@gmail.com.