A September Thursday.

This fine Thursday, I woke up to essentially the same to-do list as Tuesday, so I went outside and took photos. As one does. The to-do list would take a whole, oh, I don’t know, two hours? — not including paying work — if I would just get started. That getting started part has evidentlyContinue reading “A September Thursday.”

How to realize you’re too busy.

It’s been a time here, fellow humans. Softball. Endless softball. Alysia asked me the other night about this out-of-character softball participation. I’ve been firmly in the camp of “no summer things” forever. I’m a believer in a generally simple life, saying no to most of the things, taking a true break from school, and notContinue reading “How to realize you’re too busy.”

Things I love about summer.

I’m glad the prairie is a place with seasonal change — there’s something about that seasonal change that is invaluable for perspective. And while each season has its high points, somehow I’ve settled into a strong preference for this one. It is missing some good things (*cough* school *cough*) and has some annoyances (ugh, humidity!)Continue reading “Things I love about summer.”

Summer already.

Ah, summer. Summer is my jam. Never have to grab a jacket, hands and feet always warm enough, plenty of daylight — perfect. This particular summer came in on little cat feet, I think. We know by looking at our phones that the numbers assigned to days are still advancing, yet most activities that defineContinue reading “Summer already.”