A reminder of why.

I’m always happy to pawn off the reading of “Wacky Wednesday,” and really, most beginner readers.

What do you tell a daughter who wants “Wacky Wednesday” when you want breakfast? You say, “Go ask your sister.” And then three girls read it together and you say a small prayer of thankfulness for small blessings and take their picture.

I suspect she who wanted “Wacky Wednesday” is going to be very literally at my elbow once her siblings go back to school. She is good at doing things by herself but more good at “I gon’ watch you now, Mama.”

I’ve kind of taken a flying leap off the wagon of posting more rarely, and it’s time to try again. As an obliger with a few rebel leanings, adhering to a self-imposed rule to post longer but less frequently is super difficult.

If obliger/upholder/rebel/questioner isn’t familiar, please go take the quiz at quiz.gretchenrubin.com and give me a screenshot of your result. I’m not awesome yet at picking people’s tendencies (Monica is really good at it) and sometimes it would be super helpful to know.

The kids and I were up at school Thursday — I thought the library was open this one last week, but instead Shaun and Steph helped us out and we got some books when the lights were out and the doors were locked. This doesn’t happen in every school, I’m sure of it. It was super kind of them. In conversation with Steph, talking about kids and relationships with them, both as mine are now and as adults as some of hers are, she pointed out one main thing that sometimes I, in my tendency to worry, forget. “You’re Christian, so you know they’re not yours.”

That right there grants confidence for the future and the ability to better live in the present. I’ve always been a “now” person, with few projections and few regrets, but this is a lovely added layer, a reminder of why.

Watching them grow and swap habits around is really funny. Other than a scant handful of car naps, the only two naps this summer have been taken by August. lol.

We were hoping to avoid placing pipe for gravity irrigation this summer. I mean, umpteen jillion inches of rain and a third of Jeremy’s acres flood-damaged beyond redemption — really, that ought to do it. But no. If we could have had even an inch of rain last night when people were getting 4 to 8 inches north of us, that would have been (surprisingly) welcome. Not a drop. So pipe it is.

There is no winning with moisture, basically ever, but this year especially. Part of E Road off by 738 Road is marked Minimum Maintenance and really the sign should say Duck Traffic Only.

Two vegetable conversations of note:
“Someone should breed square peas so they don’t roll off the plate.” Indeed.

“Raina, what’s your favorite food?”
“Broccoli! No, cauliflower! No!! Ice cream!!”

There will be banana muffins at Hope Lutheran Church tomorrow, assuming no one else brings things. I had 17 bananas in the freezer. Seriously, that’s around 14 too many.

Also there’s a Bertrand Area Community Foundation Fund potluck with games in the Bertrand park tomorrow — 5:30 p.m. — also free swimming. I’m taking scratch baked beans.

This was originally a Facebook post.

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