Today, on Christmas Adam.

It’s Christmas Adam. Several of my kids had never heard of that, and they find it hilarious. (Frankly, so do I, and I *have* heard of it.) Today, on Christmas Adam, we have outstanding window decorations. I love when the frost on the window does its own beadwork. It’s my favorite kind of Jack FrostContinue reading “Today, on Christmas Adam.”

Pasture cedar Christmas tree, and related thoughts.

Winter starts officially sometime tomorrow. The next day is supposed to be bitterly cold (although if we were further north, it would just be a regular winter day) with a high remaining below zero. Jack Frost’s artistry is growing on the storm windows — visibly expanding — even though the sun is up. I changedContinue reading “Pasture cedar Christmas tree, and related thoughts.”

A whole lot of awesome.

Our family’s Christmas trees are pretty awesome. Multicolored incandescent lights illuminate the things our kids made in school and the ornaments gifted over the last 43 years from my aunt and uncle in California. We hang a chosen few ornaments from my and my husband’s grandparents’ collections, and some retired Chrismons from the church whereContinue reading “A whole lot of awesome.”

Everything is from somewhere.

This Soils and Streams column first appeared in the Dec. 8, 2018, issue of the Kearney Hub. Forget holiday fuss; focus on gratitude Holidays are not super high on my list of priorities. I don’t require the biggest meal of the year to happen on the day of Thanksgiving. Everyone should have the opportunity toContinue reading “Everything is from somewhere.”

I have a wish list.

The older our kids get, the more defined their gift requests and expectations become. Advent is the season of waiting, and wow, sometimes that waiting comes with a hearty side of whining! Personally, I have ambitions and dreams, and while some of them do come with dollar signs, I’m fortunate to be content with myContinue reading “I have a wish list.”

No pirouettes, thanks.

This Soils and Streams column first appeared in the Dec. 10, 2016, issue of the Kearney Hub. Seasonal traditions may not look typical Routine and tradition are part and parcel of human life. Many of these conventions pace hand in hand with a change in season. As we transition from fall to winter, Christians markContinue reading “No pirouettes, thanks.”