Your feelings don’t matter — and that’s a good thing.

We finally got to leave for harvest recently. Like many harvesters, we saw the first part of our harvest run somewhat wrecked by weather conditions — drought last summer and fall, continued drought through the winter, the record-setting cold snap, a late freeze and then rain that started just in time to save some ofContinue reading “Your feelings don’t matter — and that’s a good thing.”

We are God’s disaster bread.

Every year we save a little of the wheat we harvest. My mom, Dianne, has a flour mill, and she grinds the wheat into whole-wheat flour, which she uses to make bread. My mom’s bread is kind of locally famous. If there’s a food event, bread is what she brings. It’s what people expect andContinue reading “We are God’s disaster bread.”

The monster at the end — oh, wait.

“These unprecedented times” — how many times have you heard it this year? The goal of the phrase is to astound us all into paralysis with the sheer momentousness of that fact that we’re alive right now: How can we possibly be normal humans living our lives during these unprecedented times? Obviously we can’t, becauseContinue reading “The monster at the end — oh, wait.”