A list of books for second-graders.

Life is a little frantic, is it not? We flit from task to task to task (we? maybe just I) and somehow a month passes, or two, and the thing that was top of mind is infrequently even on the radar. If I’d had a little foresight — seriously, we can all just agree nowContinue reading “A list of books for second-graders.”

The monster at the end — oh, wait.

“These unprecedented times” — how many times have you heard it this year? The goal of the phrase is to astound us all into paralysis with the sheer momentousness of that fact that we’re alive right now: How can we possibly be normal humans living our lives during these unprecedented times? Obviously we can’t, becauseContinue reading “The monster at the end — oh, wait.”

Farm books we love.

My kids have great books on their bookshelf. We’re blessed to know and love librarians and teachers and readers of all kinds who give books to celebrate any occasion, and sometimes for no reason at all. The under-8 set at my house loves farm books. They’re pretty easy to come by, and mostly harmless. FarmContinue reading “Farm books we love.”