“American Harvest” and other reading.

For our farm family with school children and cows, winter holds few respites from being busy, but when they happen, we do know how to handle it. We read. Some of us prefer World War II — fiction for one, personal histories for another. We’ve got one who’s into stereotypical Westerns and another who’s deepContinue reading ““American Harvest” and other reading.”

Work. Work everywhere.

This Soils and Streams column first appeared in the Sept. 14, 2019, issue of the Kearney Hub. It was above the flag on 1A, which is a little ridiculous, but there you have it. Farm families face historic struggles I have thought a lot about work recently. A couple of our daughters decided in theContinue reading “Work. Work everywhere.”

How to while away a winter.

This Soils and Streams column first appeared in the March 9, 2019, issue of the Kearney Hub. Pass the time this winter with an ag-related book Is there someone in Hub Territory who hasn’t complained about the weather? That’s a rhetorical question, although I guess it’s possible someone enjoys winter enough that this streak ofContinue reading “How to while away a winter.”

Farm books we love.

My kids have great books on their bookshelf. We’re blessed to know and love librarians and teachers and readers of all kinds who give books to celebrate any occasion, and sometimes for no reason at all. The under-8 set at my house loves farm books. They’re pretty easy to come by, and mostly harmless. FarmContinue reading “Farm books we love.”