The inescapables.

This was originally a Facebook post.

If there is Play-Doh, there is also a dust mop.

It was a Play-Doh kind of day. The girls love this. I only love it when the floor already needs swept. Ha.

The sun finally came out just before sunset. There are parts of spring I really like, but gray rain for days on end isn’t one of them. I like when the irrigation canals are filled for the first time. I like the first wash of green over the trees. That’s about it.

Isn’t it funny how I was looking forward to March being less wintry and then it was enormously horrible? I really have nothing else to say about that. I did wash the snow clothes and put them away today, so that feels a whole lot like tempting the climate to misbehave in the short term.

With graduation approaching, I realized that not only do we have to suffer through twelve consecutive proms, we also have to somehow manage five graduations. This, too, feels a little crazy — makes me a little short of breath.

On Sunday, the children each received a cross on a string. Jenna was wearing hers around her neck but tucking it into my shirt pocket. I was reminded so strongly of Chuck. You always knew, in class, when he was expected to go preach or make an appearance in some church-leader-y capacity, because he would wear his cross, and it would be tucked into his pocket. It took me until this past Sunday morning to realize that pocketing it likely stopped it from swinging crazily and thumping him as he walked. That guy was a true gem.

It made my day yesterday to discover that Walmart now carries family-size boxes of extra-toasty Cheezits. Snack heaven.

For three days I have maintained end-of-day ta-da status on my to-do lists. Tomorrow I have to start a list that won’t ta-da in a day, but dang do I ever like a ta-da’d list.

Life is like a series of list subsets. There’s a list of all the things that could ever be done and it funnels down through things that could logistically be done and things that ought to be done and ends up with basically taxes and laundry because those are the inescapables.

Good thing I never do anything without a list. I’m set for life.

Fun facts gleaned from Water Jamboree: First, Harlan County Dam has one-sixth the concrete that the Hoover Dam has. That is a lot of concrete. Second fun fact, an opossum mama curls her prehensile tail up over her back and her babies wrap their prehensile tails around hers and that’s how she achieves that trick. Pretty cool, North American marsupial. Nice adaptation.

We got our seven Nebraska Passport booklets. Not sure what we expect to achieve — three stamps each? Looking forward to it nonetheless.

In closing, what do you call a monkey in a minefield? BABOON!

And to all a good night.

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