Last day.

This was originally a Facebook post.

“Good morning, Mr. Dahlke.”

Last day. I’m not a “time slow down” kind of person, but wow, I’m definitely a “don’t blink” person. And I would be happy to use Elvera’s time library to insert a week or so between today and tomorrow!

I’m not a huge fan of waiting for the bus in the house, as we have this year. The kids don’t feel any urgency to get out the door and do a whole lot of lollygagging. Also, those few minutes out by the road are good connection time with the small people. And, I got too few school bus photos. Because the world needs more school bus photos.

Overall, I would say this school year went fairly well. I think there should be a parent-teacher conference after the last day and maybe in a neutral location like a bar. It would be fun to get a big-picture-longest-view from that perspective. Any teachers wanting to take me up on this idea, just say the word. 😉

We are going to have a carrot cake today in celebration of no alarm clock tomorrow. I have never made a carrot cake. Jeannette is the cake queen, and hers will be hard to match, but I’m going to try.

Ivy has already given me the summer library schedule at least three times. Stephanie always has great new stuff at the library in addition to all the books. Yeah, I’m a reader at heart, but the library is a very tactile experience too.

Between planting and cattle work being frustratingly delayed by cool weather and rain, an editing work schedule that’s a little hairy, and the approach of next week’s VBS and family reunion immediately thereafter, I’m left hoping that the first week of June is a zero activity week and a chance for a bit of a breather.

Time will tell.

And now, off to play checkers because of course that’s what you do before 8 a.m. Everything is OK as long as there’s coffee.

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