The dustbin of grand plans.

This was originally a Facebook post.

Victoria’s grain bin is awesome. It is not a grand plan; it is a reality.

This is a cool thing we saw when we were at Ulysses. My folks’ neighbors have taken a small (maybe 5000 bushels, but I didn’t ask) grain bin and converted it for a sewing room. Their house is only a wee bit bigger than ours and this is an extra 250-ish square feet of living space.

As if I didn’t have forty million grand plans already in the dustbin of abandonment, I think I need to adopt a small grain bin for this purpose.

This afternoon, on the next-to-last round of WINGS for this school year (shock!!), Drew and Jessie’s boys were at our house. They like good tunes: Convoy, Sink the Bismarck, Footloose. It is easy to drive with them in the car (as long as my own kids aren’t being terrible). Also, I have this conversation to report:

Jeremy: Did you learn anything at school?
Drake: Nope.
Jeremy: Nothing?
Drake: Nope.
Ivy: Drake! Yes we did!
Jeremy (totally ignoring the small academic in the crowd): Then why did you go?
Drake: I don’t know. My parents make me.
Jeremy: I felt the same way.

I’m terribly behind in work. (I have no business even writing this.) This morning I missed Bible study (shame on me! even the segment on the crucifixion and resurrection!) and inadvertently fell asleep after dinner, totally cancelling out the work time eked out of the morning. Remind me in future to always put first things first.

I recommend a podcast: To Be Fair …. find it at or on your favorite podcast provider. It’s new! It’s by my friend Amy Kay. Dear Amy Kay, please forgive me for initially being very skeptical. You would not know if I weren’t telling you now, lol, but I tend to be SUPER DE DUPER skeptical, with a healthy side of cynicism, every day, all the time. But dang, girl, you are such a beautiful person and your communication and rhetoric skills are On Point to match.

In other news, our back door is falling off. It has been falling off for quite some time, but it is getting a lot worse. Friends, if you come to my house, please simply ignore the door. It functions, more or less, and the children are not gentle. In a couple years we’ll get a new door, and maybe it will last longer.

I feel like I have more to say, but nope. Over and out. Happy Wednesday.

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