On a serious note.

Speculation and anger are rampant regarding the idea of the 30×30 conservation proposal. There are very few facts available. Governors, who rightly ought to be in the know, are asking the same questions that run-of-the-mill citizens are asking.

At our house, we spectate decisions made by agencies (mainly federal decisions made abstractly, not local agencies with decisions made by people who live here) and believe that in a lot of these cases, people involved in day-to-day agriculture could do a better job at those decisions. If you’re in ag, you already know that you have to take care of your land, water, plant and animal resources because if you prove to be a poor steward, it’ll be the undoing of you and many people around you, perhaps for years to come.

People have a history of screwing things up, y’know. We have to do better — as well as we possibly can. Science is helpful, from knowing better soil structure and how to foster that while still being productive, to knowing how to measure aquifers and what reasonable use is, to knowing animal nutrition and maximizing potential without excess expenditure. For Christians, doing our best work is the best way to honor God and his many gifts to us.

It is Earth Day, so the timing of this governors’ letter is not coincidental. But in ag, every day is Earth Day.

That is all. I won’t rant more. But reading the letter is interesting, so I recommend that.

All these images came from Gov. Pete Ricketts’ Facebook page.

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