Just don’t denigrate it.

First, if I wash up the snow clothes and stow them, am I going to regret making the effort?

Second, if you know my oldest kid, you know exactly me at that age. I hope you get the public me/him and not the at-home me/him. I feel compelled to apologize to anyone who knew me from ages 11 to about 16 and maybe even a couple years either side of that.

Third, I looked at my to-do list and decided to write a treatise instead. lol.

Fourth, never say never. I do not love indoor animals. And yet, we have a formerly broken, now-worth-his-weight-in-gold cat who’s indoors at night to protect him from the great horned owl family.

Fifth, I have a minor rant for which I will have to invent a word. If you don’t like rants, stop reading. lol.

If your kid belligerates about why he/she has to learn xyz, remember when you answer that it’s often not the details that are important.

Maybe knowing and proving opposite angles are equal won’t come up again later, but learning to think logically is very important. Maybe that future adult won’t ever build anything and won’t need to understand angles, but maybe he/she will. But knowing how to logic through a situation is very important.

I could go on and on and on with all kinds of academic/sport/hands-on topics. In everything there is a purpose. Think big!

Furthermore, if you denigrate a topic, that can be construed in a kid brain as being equivalent to denigrating the people who are interested in that topic. I will never be passionate about history, unless it’s Pony Express, and I will never be passionate about football. But neither football nor history are stupid. And the people who are interested in them — likewise, definitely not stupid. Some of my best beloved people are interested in football and history (and botany and pharmacokinetics and nematodes and Greek and and and).

Incidentally, history and football make me feel stupid, but I just have to be an adult about that. Being an adult means you know your resources. Admit when you don’t know. Find the right person to ask. Learn about reliable sources (and not just the freaking internet, really, truly).

Adulting is not easy. If they told you that, they lied bigtime. I look forward to someday in heaven knowing all the wisdom of the ages but I’m guessing even then I won’t be able to. The idea is nice, though.

Happy Tuesd …. oh wait. Happy Wednesday. 🤦‍♀️

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