A chickified house.

“Good Bones” S2E1, in which Mina and Karen buy a duplex for $4000, spend $180,000 turning it into a single-family home (but they should have torn it down and started over, imo; but what do I know, really), and sell it to a single guy for $259,000; and in which Tad not only knocks a piece of chimney through a roof, he also breaks floor joists with a different piece of chimney.

Also, the single guy wanted more square feet, so they jimmied in a loft space above a porch to go from 2300 square feet to like 2450 square feet. I pointed out to the kids that we only have 1100 square feet, and despite our generally good math skills, they were nonplussed by this dramatic greater-than-less-than problem.

I am super not sure why I a) try to watch something I’m interested in, which is only possible once every couple months or so, or b) why I haven’t given up home improvement shows altogether.

“Mom. Karen and Karen! Are you the same Karen?” “Do I look like the same Karen?!” “No ….” “Then, no.”

“Mom. Is that our house?” “Um, does it look like our house?” “No ….” “Then, no.”

“Mom. Can we have that house?” “Nope.” “Why?” “Because they’re in Indianapolis and there’s no way in the world I want to live that close to anyone else.” “Oh. — Can they come do our house?” “Also no.” “Why?” “Indianapolis is a long ways away.”

“Mom. Why are there two dog houses?” “Couldn’t tell you. He doesn’t even have a dog.”

“Man. That house is so chickified.”

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