Husbandman, the series.

Last Thursday, before it rained, Jeremy was planting soybeans up at his folks’ place. I’ve been taking this photo (and mostly adding this quote to it in some way) off and on since 2014. It’s one of those things that the timing has to be just so to get it to happen.

2021. If you’re able to zoom in on Jeremy, I recommend that little bit of extra effort.

“No husbandman would sow one grain of corn, if he hoped not it would grow up and become seed.” — from “Watchwords for the Warfare of Life,” Dr. Martin Luther (and you can read the context, which is genius).

I thought it would be fun (at least, it would be for me) to have all the photos in one place. Henceforth and therefore:

2020. Same field, but further north. Also, actually planting corn, not beans.
2019. Same field. Corn, and yet a little more north. When I shared this one on the book of faces, I used the Luther quote as the caption, rather than putting it on the image itself.

My photo editing philosophy has changed more than I realized. There was a time in there when — remember this? — everything had to look scrapbooky. Good grief. How can I let this stuff influence me?! Swear it off, kids. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Furthermore, I skipped more years than I realized.

2017. I sent this one to Progressive Farmer for a contest. As I could have predicted from this vantage point in time, it didn’t get chosen. Jenna could almost stand, but not quite.
And 2014, the first year of it. That tractor moves faster than one would think. We pretty much always end up running to get out of the way.

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