A tiny speck in a vast nothingness.

I was reading the story of Quanah Parker and his mother Cynthia Ann Parker the other day (or night, if you know me … I’m a night owl). The book, “Empire of the Summer Moon,” was not a historical fiction book like I usually read. It followed Cynthia Ann Parker, who was captured in TexasContinue reading “A tiny speck in a vast nothingness.”

Ballerinas? Not convinced.

Tuesday morning, Raina taught herself to ride Sadie’s bike (formerly Monica’s bike; thank you, Monica!). I then got the opportunity to take off all the training wheels except on Anna’s princess bike (thank you, Farah!) Tuesday afternoon, we had a parade. Kindly humor me by clicking on the car to see how fun the photoContinue reading “Ballerinas? Not convinced.”