James Webb and pasture plants.

Have you seen the amazing images produced by the various ways to see things with the James Webb Space Telescope?

I could stare at those for hours. I don’t, usually, as life demands, etc., but I could.

It occurred to me this morning as I cropped a photo from the pasture (my computer has this battery issue, and it shut down, and when it restarted, voilà!, there was the image I had shot and popped open in Photoshop three days ago) there’s a lot of similarity between my enjoyment of the pasture vs. my enjoyment of the images from Webb.

I imagine there’s a way to look up what this is, so maybe sometime I’ll do that. Also, we need rain.

I love to look; I love to take photos; most of the time the photos end up camping out in my folders on my computer forever. (I cleared a card the other day, and it had 1,756 items on it. I practiced photos in a gym a lot and need more practice.)

Of course the main difference is that I’m here, actually in the pasture, not looking out into space, where I’ll never be.

But, there’s layers of distance and various ways to look using focal length and the difference between holding still to look and looking while driving and and and.

Could I think through this analogy more thoroughly and come up with more? Yeah.

Do I specifically like how this creation mirrors itself in level of detail, near and far? Yeah. Crazy how the same 118(ish?) elements combine to make a fall flower’s seed pod and also the Pillars of Creation.

There are no happy little accidents. Happy little trees, maybe, but no happy little (or big) accidents. It’s all intentional, happy and otherwise.

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