Reminder: Do not engage.

Sometimes, I start reading something online, and then it turns out to be a rabbit hole and not a very pretty one, and it disturbs me, and I feel like I ought to say something in the place where I first saw it.

Today, no. And seriously, if I could never give in to the impulse to say something when it’s not a face-to-face situation, I would never give in again (and sometimes not even then). I don’t have time or wherewithal to irritate my friends (actual friends, some of them my best beloved friends) who clearly think differently than I do. It’s fine. I don’t care that we don’t march lockstep, and I’m sure they’re aware that we don’t think alike, that I don’t care that we don’t, and that I do consider the other point of view as a valid point to consider. It’s a mark of true friendship, is it not?

Most of the time when I consciously try to influence someone, it fails spectacularly and all that happens is my preshus feelers are hurt. So, nope. Just going to live my life.

“Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” … That’s Philippians 4:8 in case you need to look for some context there, or if you don’t but just want to know that I didn’t make that up, or, y’know, just need to know that I’m quoting the Bible and would just as soon not follow me. Whatever.

Carry on. Just be nice. Come on, people. Apply some Aretha Franklin to the situation, no matter what situation it is.

Congratulations. You have finished reading today’s rant. lol.

3 thoughts on “Reminder: Do not engage.

  1. I can get hot and heavy into politics and religion on my feed. It’s my feed, you (general you) can read it or not, that’s fine. I even like to have philosophical discussions so long as they are respectful. I have found deep dives into why I believe what I do either cement my conviction or give me something to adjust. I don’t like name calling and, you know, I don’t like to have me or my friends called Nazis or the like. I have only ever unfriended two people because of that and I don’t regret it one bit. Both times they got nasty. One called me names, told me no one in town liked me, called me stupid and said I was grieving my cousin incorrectly (who had just died that day). That old biddy lives in town and I have never worked with her on volunteer activities nor talked to her since. The other called all my friends stupid, nazis, members of the KKK and hicks. Gone. Sorry not sorry. Other than that? Don’t be rude and we can get along.


    1. See, this is very personality dependent. If I’m going to have these conversations, I can’t do it online except in really rare cases. What I wanted to dive into yesterday involved religion and it seemed to me that I wasn’t going to win friends or influence anyone, but instead it would just take up all my time obsessing about it and probably I would end up feeling bad in one way or another. — I mean, I wasn’t kidding about my preshus feelers, lol. No way in the world could I cope with people being full-on nasty (though with the humans involved in this one, it wouldn’t have been).


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